An awkward silence grows in between thoughts and gaps in conversation. Like a mushroom after rain, it suddenly appears- fully developed, strangely both alien and familiar. 

As a ghostly, uninvited guest who remains invisible yet acknowledged by all present, an awkward silence has the ability to open up a charged space in between people. A space where intentionality, implied meanings, and anticipated reactions become unreliable.

If language is all consuming, these paintings can be said to exist within the awkward silence of communication. Where illusions lay bare the hand that constructs them, and images propped up, like proof, unravel before the eye. These contracts of the exchange evoke too much, but a desire to make connections persists. The awkward silence provides fertile ground.

Amelia Saddington, 2015


Aerogram, Sonogram, at James Fuentes online, 2021

Awkward Silence, at Night Gallery, LA, 2015

OK Wormhole, with Mira Dancy at Know More Games, Brooklyn 2014


Open Topic

Remote Burial

Et At It